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iOS 4 Multitasking Services

June 20, 2010

Multitasking is an iOS 4 new feature which is only available to the iPhone 3G[S] and iPhone 4 devices. But if you think of the term “Multitasking” as being able to literally run an application in the background, with Apple you’ve gotta guess again. Instead of allowing this, Apple released seven multitasking services.

iOS 4 delivers seven new multitasking services that allow your apps to perform tasks in the background while preserving battery life and performance. These multitasking services include:

  • Background audio – Allows your app to play audio continuously. So customers can listen to your app while they surf the web, play games, and more. (i.e. Pandora)
  • Voice over IP – Your VoIP apps can now be even better. Users can now receive VoIP calls and have conversations while using another app. Your users can even receive calls when their phones are locked in their pocket. (i.e. Skype)
  • Background location – Navigation apps can now continue to guide users who are listening to their iPods, or using other apps. iOS 4 also provides a new and battery-efficient way to monitor location when users move between cell towers. This is a great way for your social networking apps to keep track of users and their friends’ locations. (i.e. Foursquare)
  • Push notifications – Receive alerts from your remote servers even when your app isn’t running. (i.e. Yahoo! Messenger)
  • Local notifications – Your app can now alert users of scheduled events and alarms in the background, no servers required. (i.e. 2Do: Stunning ToDo List)
  • Task finishing – If your app is in mid-task when your customer leaves it, the app can now keep running to finish the task. (i.e. Flickr)
  • Fast app switching – All developers should take advantage of fast app switching, which allows users to leave your app and come right back to where they were when they left – no more having to reload the app. (i.e. Tap Tap Revenge 3)

It seems as if most of iOS 4 apps will implement ‘fast app switching’ which allows the user to switch in and out of an app without having to do a full app launch.

Apple will distribute iOS 4 June 21st

via iClarified, via Mac Rumors


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  2. @camera. Sama-sama, sob. 😀

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