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iTunes Store 10.0 Free US Account

September 9, 2010

Some of you might have noticed that not all countries have full support from Apple Inc. (usually because of such constraints as copyright limitations). One of Apple’s service is an Apple ID, mostly used on your iTunes in iTunes Store to download Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Audiobooks / Books, Apps, Ringtones, and more, payed or even free contents.

Let me point out a case, for example registering an iTunes Store account (Apple ID) with your registering country set to Indonesia will currently only give you access to iTunes’ Apps, Podcasts, and iTunes U contents. On the other hand, registering an iTunes Store account (Apple ID) with your registering country set to United States will give you access to all of iTunes’ free and payed contents. With that said, now let’s move on to creating your free United States iTunes Store (Apple ID).

Note: This tutorial works with iTunes 9.0 and later.

(1) Download and install a copy of iTunes from on your PC/Mac.

(2) Navigate to the iTunes Store from the left panel.

(3) Now view the bottom-corner of your iTunes Store window, see your country’s flag? Click on it to change your iTunes content preference.

(4) Select “United States”.

(5) Navigate to the App Store from the top panel and purchase a free App by hovering on a free App and clicking “Free” to purchase and download.

(6) A “Sign in to download from the iTunes Store” window will pop-up. Click “Create New Account”.

(7) Follow the onscreen instructions to create an iTunes Store account (Apple ID / Apple Account).

(8) In the “Provide a Payment Method” window, select “None” for Credit Card data.

(9) Now comes the tricky part. Upon entering the Address information, all fields must be filled and with matching entries between State and Zip Code in the United States. To do so, follow this next trick.

Open up a new tab in your web browser, and navigate to “” (or click “Apple Retail Store – Store List“).

Choose and click any one of the many Apple Retail Stores from the Store List. Then copy the Store’s Address Information to your registering iTunes Store account (Apple ID / Apple Account) Address information.

Finish up here by clicking “Continue” or “Done”.

(10) Finally, wrap up by verifying your registered iTunes Store account (Apple ID / Apple Account) through an email sent to your registered email account. Just follow the onscreen instructions, then your done.


Regards, Irvan Ferdiansyah

Note: You may request Tutorials, help, and/or any other Apple or IT related information by comment, email, and/or messaging me through my Facebook account. Thanks for visiting my little eety beety blog. Hope you enjoyed it.


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  1. ivanovie permalink

    hi..thanks for the tutorial..if we actually want to purchase something, do they accept Credit Card from other countries?

    • Hi there, Ivanovie. Thanks before for dropping by.
      Okay, so Apple ID / iTunes account does receive Credit Card from other countries, but you’ll need to change the county of your account to adjust with your Credit Card country’s preference. Say I created a US Apple ID, but wanted to register with an Indonesian Visa / Master Credit Card, then I’d have to change the preference of my Apple ID from US to Indonesia. I hope that helped.

      Thank you.
      Regards, Snowball4u™.

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