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Monitoring iOS Apps Gone Free in iTunes Store

September 15, 2010

One of many downloadable contents from Apple’s iTunes Store is the iOS Apps for Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. These Apple devices wouldn’t have been where they are today in the leading market of mobile device and operating systems without the help of numerous satisfactory eye-candy applications from the App Store. Just specify your need and it’ll most likely already have an App for you.

While some Apps are payable, most of them are also free. One great thing about the App Store is the fact that almost every day, at least one payed and requested App are seldom priced $0.00 (Free) for a limited time offer. And sometimes you wouldn’t believe what great Apps have gone Free.

Now, staying up-to-date with these daily free Apps are sometimes hard to do without knowing the right resources. After going through some sites and recommendations, I’ve compiled a few notable sites that should help you monitor App Store Apps gone free.

(1) AppShopper. Track the newest iPhone and iPod Touch apps, updates and price changes here at AppShopper.

(2) AppAdvice. The ideal resource on the web for people looking to discover iPhone apps. AppAdvice thoroughly filters through the 60,000+ apps in the App Store to bring you up to date on relevant news regarding apps, as well as providing detailed app reviews.

(3) FAAD (FreeAppADay). Where Your App Wishes Come True!

(4) Great App a Day. Find free and exciting games and applications for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad every day! Use the calendar on the left to see what great and free games and applications are available for download.

Other sites are as follows:

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One Comment
  1. when it comes to free games, i always look for free flash
    games because they have small file sizes ~.~

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