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Token of Appreciation (Apple ed.)

September 21, 2011

Dear Father,

I realize that over the past few years, we’ve been through a lot together. And even though there where a few bumps along the way, we both managed to pull through. But regardless of that, we’ve also shared a lot of memorable moments that me and my brother will never forget.

With that said, as a token of my appreciation for all your deads and parenting that have made me who I am today, I would like to gift you a small item of appreciation.

Continue reading to see what’s inside.

I know you’ve been eyeing on an Apple iOS device for quite awhile now. So I thought, why go for an iPod Touch when you can do and share so much more with your colleges, students, and family on an iPad; With this, I hope it will offer you much contribution to your daily activities at the university and at home.

Do you like it?

Your’s sincerely,
Irvan Ferdiansyah


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One Comment
  1. bakri permalink

    Dear Son,
    Irvan Ferdiansyah Bakri.

    Thank U very much for the token, I Love it especially Sasha whom never leave with it in a minute when she is at home. What I thought, isn’t it to much for U to give such kind of thing for me n why don’t U buy something for U’r self or try to save some money for U’r future. I think I’m happy for what I’ve got now n please don’t waste U’r money for me anymore keep it for U’r self. Don’t forget, I’m U’r Dad will more happier to see U happy, thats all nothing more or less.
    Once again, don’t waste U’r money for anything U don’t need it, and please…..please…..please…. save it some for U’r future and always keep it in U’r mind.

    Thank U v’much n Love U always
    U’r Dad

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