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BlackBerry® OS 7 Theme v2.0 for 8520, 8900, 9700, 9780

September 24, 2011

Dear BlackBerry® Users,

Are you ever curious for a BlackBerry® OS 7 theme? As you might have guessed, all existing BlackBerry devices aren’t compatible with the actual upgrade to BlackBerry® OS 7. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make yours look like one.

Here’s a look-a-like theme for the sake of your pleasure.

BlackBerry® OS 7 Theme v2.0 for BlackBerry® Curve 8520 (Gemini), BlackBerry® Bold 9700 (Onyx), & BlackBerry® Bold 9780 (Onyx 2).

I’ve managed to find a source in which it can be accessed and installed directly through your BlackBerry® Web Browser, without having to manually download, unpack, and installing it through your desktop; a.k.a. OTA (Over The Air) installation.



(Curtesy of


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  1. Nico permalink

    Don’t work on 8520. Are you sure it is made for him? I don’t see it in my themes.

  2. Don’t work on 8520.

  3. Ollie permalink

    Doesn’t work on my BlackBerry Curve 8520, please fix!

  4. Can’t see in my themes after download

  5. exo permalink

    dosent work on ma 9300

  6. dimas permalink

    doesn’t work on 8520

  7. razvan permalink

    For 8520 go to bb app world and search for the THANK YOU theme, it’s free and it has all the OS 7 icons. It works for me. Enjoy!

    • rahul permalink

      will it have the expanding homscreen

    • rahul fucker permalink

      thank you theme ?? f*cking thank your ass noob theme

  8. Anz Nizz permalink

    U gotta fixx nt workin n minee too…!!

  9. anton permalink

    hey ,. i’v installed it ,. but it’s not shown up to my themes list ,.

    how to activate it? and if it can’t activate it ,. how can i remove this themes ,. need help ,. 😦

  10. 9700 Bold on work. Thanks.

  11. Daddy "O" permalink

    Wot a waste of my time it don’t work

  12. 8250 dont work says reboot but still dont work
    wat do i doooooooooooooooooooooo

  13. pls try this one

    • ali hijazi permalink

      i need themes original for 8520 right the second picture full menu

    • earl permalink

      does this work on blackberry curve 8520???

  14. mantep

  15. annomyous permalink

    This works I tried it and it worked

  16. strEets permalink

    Does not work on my 8900 why

  17. Doesn’t work on bb curve 8520 need help please! Thank you

  18. Karen permalink

    I was looking forward to this theme to bad it didnt work but thanks for trying and if u cn plz fix it 😉

  19. ricardo permalink

    not work a 8520!!! this is not real!!

  20. Won’t show in themes after install on my 8900 javelin

  21. adib afham permalink

    same happen on my blackberry 8900 javelin
    it won’t show in themes after install it
    is there any solution?on how to work it out

  22. Ris permalink

    Don’t work on 8520 (˘̩̩̩^˘̩ƪ)

  23. joe permalink

    doesn’t work on 8520 HELP really want it

  24. audrei permalink

    you’re really helpful! this is what i have been looking for 2 hours. 🙂

  25. dosent work on blackberry curve 8520 😦 pls fix

  26. ady akhdiyat permalink

    work 100% for gemini 8520

  27. How do I. Download the app

  28. ARFAN permalink

    hey!! anyone can install this theme by using BLACKBERRY MASTER CONTROL…

  29. ben coles permalink

    that link is dreamtorch and thats os6 icons could there be a dreamtorch with os7 icons

  30. Hey men, the theme doesn’t work on my 8900, by the way in the download link say on the description app 6.0.0

  31. larissa permalink

    can u pls tell me how to reload software 507?? plss plss

  32. Anon permalink

    does not work voor my 9700 i cant see it at my themes i downloaded the second link

  33. Khan permalink

    doesnt work on 9300

  34. Bill Gillars permalink

    i want this theme to work on a curve 8520 as i have been wanting it for ages can u fix it so it works please

  35. Irfan permalink

    It works for BB 9780 Bold 3. Beuatiful.

  36. Cunong permalink

    It’s just LIE!!

  37. yoe permalink

    how to install it in bb app world? and what is the name of that theme ?? (bb 9700)

    • thank you is the name of the theme.. 😉

  38. Anugrah Nurohman permalink

    yah dont work in Blackberry curve 8520, please fix 😀

  39. you know..that’s theme only work for blackberry with os 6 + … on os 5 is will not work till whenever you try

  40. lee sungmin permalink

    its work thanks 😀

  41. lee sungmin permalink

    if u want to this work, pls change ur theme be original themes and ur can download this | kalo kamu mau ini bisa di download, ganti dulu theme nya jadi original baru bisa ke download | 😀

  42. eddy Xs permalink

    Works well with bold 9780

  43. aris permalink

    it work for my onyx 9700…awesome Good Job thanks

  44. awesome then

    • Keese Kees permalink

      Link is not working! Does somebody has an alternative link to download this theme?

  45. frank permalink

    This is cool but does it slow down my phone

  46. sameh hussam permalink

    it works on blackberry 8520

  47. Very bad, it’s not work at blackberry 8520


  49. Rachmat Sutanto permalink

    Don’t work on 8520.even though I have download

  50. Yes! Finally someone writes about father’s day gifts 2013.

  51. yosa permalink

    work beautifully on my bold 9700 ❤ ❤

  52. GooD!

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