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Reminiscing Through The Years of TV Series

May 17, 2012

Let me share an interesting story with my readers here.

American Television Series

A friend once asked me, why do I love those TV Series I dearly watch every day. Truth be said – ever since I could remember, those TV Series have been with me through all the good and bad..

An evenings rest after college..
A lonely weekend without much to do..
Or even through the ups and downs of one’s environment..

A few titles I could name of would always be there. Entertaining the young me with all it’s amusing  life shared experiences told through their stories.

In each milestone of my life, unconsciously there would be that one series that’d just be right there – amusing me all the way. One of which I was (and still am) very much fond of is ‘CHARMED‘. At the time I was in senior-high, and the series was running late-night (around 11PM – then moved up to 1AM), so to even watch it I had to sneak around the house, avoiding my Dad’s blunter to order me to go to bed. Sadly to say, not long after, our family had to experience a moment of remorse where Dad left us..

It’s all in the past now, and we’re still keeping in touch. You could even say ‘Let bygones be bygones’.. But every time I’d playback the series, it helps to remember every detail of the moments we left behind of Dad. Every good and bad.. Even sometimes reminding me of the memories I forgot (and boy do I forget much). Hehe… 😛

Charmed and Desperate Housewives

Any way, upon writing this.. Another favored series of mine has ended, ‘Desperate Housewives‘. A bit sassy for a boy, believe me – I know, but still very dear to my heart. 7 years ago, a few college mate of mine offered me to watch this, and I’ve been stuck with it ever since.

I’d always picture my Mom being one of the Fairview wives, possibly Lynette Scavo – a workaholic yet loving mother and wife willing to do what ever is best for her family, witty at times, but very friendly (even motherly), especially to those she cares most. You’ll just have to get a glimpse of the series yourself to know what it’s about, I wouldn’t wanna spoil the drama and action of it all. Hehe.. 😛

Any way (again), as I’ve mentioned the series has been with me for 7 years, so it was kinda sad to finally see it end – as I’ve also seen the end of another chapter of my life in which graduating from college, parting ways with a lot of dear friends, and as of 2011, parting from my once nurturing home and mother.

(._. ) #memories


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