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Till Our Paths Cross Again..

July 28, 2012

Dear Fani, Tieta, & Hilda.

Going back to the years we first crossed paths, it’s like we could all remember it as if it where just yesterday;
That memorable yellow jacket..
Those shimmering eyes filled with passion..
And the dreams we’ve set sight of..

Yet now we’re here — standing between a crossing point in our lives.
In this moment of gratitude, we as your dear friends – are all happy for what you three have accomplished. Thus with this, we would like to present you with a token of our friendship.


Fani…  Tieta…  Hilda…
You three have shown us all that with will, motivation, & perseverance – any dream that you set your mind to, would surely come true.

Don’t take this parting as a ‘Farewell’, but rather a ‘Till our paths cross again..’
When the time comes, we’ll all be here to welcome you home.

Missing you always,
Your dear friends of XX.

PS. Fani, Happy Birthday.


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